We have asked you to save the date for March 20, which is our annual general membership virtual meeting. Now we are asking you to think of each other, those that you know, and those whom you feel will enjoy serving our organization. It is virtual election time! (A first for UPAAE, one of the many so far.) Nominations are open for the following positions:

– Treasurer (someone with financial/accounting background is recommended)

– Board members (3)

You can send your nominations to: UPAAE.elections@gmail.com

The Elections Committee encourages all of the nomineed to send a short bio of themselves to the same email address: UPAAE.elections@gmail.com . There are no rules to your bio, you can write to your heart’s delight and share at your comfort level. Everything will be kept confidential and we assure you that your information will never be shared.

Important dates to remember: March 15 (Monday) – Nominations are closed

March 17 (Wednesday) – Confirmation of candidates; Voting also starts this day via email until the day of our virtual AGM.

March 20 (Saturday) – Elections at virtual AGM; Live voting.

Below please find more details for our upcoming elections. We will send out program details of our virtual AGM soon.

UPAAE Board Elections 2021

Nomination and Election Process
1. Open Nominations
a. Nominations to the officer positions are declared open at least 2 weeks before the election day.
b. The Nominee should consent to run for the position. This is done by having the Nominee email to UPAAE.elections@gmail.com his or her consent (see Nominee Consent Template).
c. A person can be nominated to more than one officer position.
d. Members of the UPAAE Election Committee are NOT allowed to be nominated for the upcoming term.
e. The candidates for the positions of President and Vice President need to be alumni of the UP System.
2. Close Nominations
a. Nominations are closed at least 3 days before the election day.
b. The UPAAE Election Committee will provide the official list of nominees and the officer positions. In the event that there is no nominee for a specific officer position, the UPAAE Election Committee will declare that position vacant.
c. Communications will ensure that the official list of nominees is communicated to the UPAAE membership after nominations are closed. This should be sent out at least 2 days before the elections.
3. Elections
a. Elections will be open from a designated time period not to exceed a full day. (i.e. 8am to 8pm).
b. Votes are to be sent via email to UPAAE.elections@gmail.com. In the email, the sender should clearly identify himself or herself.
c. Members can only vote for one nominee for a specific officer position.
d. A nominee can vote for himself or herself.
e. A vote is NOT counted if:
i. It is received after the closing time.
ii. It is for a person who is not on the official list of nominees.
iii. It comes from a person who is not up to date with his or her UPAAE membership dues.
4. Declaration of Officers
a. The person with the highest number of votes for a specific position will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, the UPAAE Election Committee will request the persons involved in the tie to decide who would want to take the position.
b. A person who received the second highest number of votes may still be considered for the position in the event that a vacant position has to be filled. (See 4c).
c. For cases where there was a vacant officer position, the winning officers will deliberate among themselves on who would be the best person to take on that position. This will be facilitated by the UPAAE Election Committee.
d. The UPAAE Elections Committee will declare the official winners of the election.

Appendix – Nominee Consent Template:
I, [NAME] consent to run for the position of [OFFICER POSITION] for the UPAAE. If elected, I will serve the term of two years.

Frequently Asked Questions:
I am not UP Alumni, can I be an officer?
Yes, you can – except for the position of President and Vice-President. Per the UPAAE bylaws: To uphold the values and culture of the University of the Philippines and UP Alumni Association worldwide, only Alumni members may be elected and hold the position of President. This bylaw extends to the Vice – President as he / she shall take over the post if the position of President is vacated.
I am interested in becoming an officer, am I allowed to nominate myself?
Of course! You are welcome to do so – and thank you, for stepping up.
Can I nominate myself or someone to more than one position?
Yes, you can. At the end of the nomination period, the people who are nominated can confirm which posts will they accept to be nominated for.
What are the typical responsibilities that come with being an officer? Can you please provide a description of what each role entails?
The dynamics depend on the set of board members, however there are tasks that are inherent to the nature of the positions. To summarize what is written in the by-laws:

PresidentVice-PresidentSecretaryTreasurerBoard Member
Exercise general supervision of the organizationAssist the President in all undertakingsKeep accurate minutes of all meetingsCollect all dues, fees, contributions and other receivables fromthe members as requiredSpecial assignments
Preside and report in meetingsBe in-charge / take over Presidency if vacatedBe in charge of all correspondence and communications under the direction of the President and the boardShall receive any and all accounts receivable and dues to the Association fromwhatever source, take charge of all funds, properties and accounts of the Association,render financial or property reports periodically and as may be necessary.
Represent the organization where required unless special arrangements are made.May be appointed to ad hoc responsibilities by the BoardKeep a record of all the members of the Association and theiraddresses and send all notices of the various meetings as required.Shall prepare a statement of sources and application of funds for presentationand dissemination

How long is the term of the position?
The term of office shall be two (2) years. No individual may serve the same position for more than two (2) consecutive terms. Assumption of offices of the newly elected Officers shall commence on April 1 of the current year and extend up to a maximum of two (2) years not later than March 31 of the second year of office. The fiscal year shall start January 1 of the current year and end on December 31.
What happens if I think I can no longer perform my duties as an officer during my term of office due to an unexpected situation? Who do I inform and when?
We accept that circumstances change and so do priorities, and when they do, you may express to the Board that you would need a break or a reduced involvement. Resignation is also an option should you feel you are no longer able to effectively perform your duties. You will have to submit this in written form to the UPAAE President.
Is there training for the new officer, such as orientation, turn-over and shadowing with an outgoing officer?
There will be a transition period where current (and previous) board members are committed to provide incoming officers ample accompaniment and guidance. The current board will meet with you and ensure that all necessary matters are discussed and forwarded. At any point during your term, you can always consult past board members.
Are there any similar responsibilities among all officers? (Promoting UPAAE, being active in all events, etc.)
All officers, as are members, are expected to represent the values of Honor and Excellence. Our shared responsibilities include [1] promoting UPAAE, [2] attendance in main activities, [3] encouraging participation among members, and [4] recruitment.
How much time involvement on an average is required from an officer?
There are busy months and slow months. Usually before the Fiesta, more time involvement may be requested from you. You may be the lead on some activities, and not on the other ones. Work is distributed as much as possible. You may also elect to be excused from some activities depending on special circumstances.
Are there any special skills required for each officer’s position? For example, can I be Treasurer if I knew nothing about finance or accounting?
For some positions, basic skills are required, like background knowledge of bookkeeping for the Treasurer and use of communication media for the Secretary. Soft skills of leadership, effective listening, and effective organizational skills are assets to all positions.
Are there criteria to gauge how well I perform my duties as an officer?
There is no criteria for performance review – the over-all performance on programs, events and activities are evaluated by the board from time to time as necessary. It is more of a group performance than individual – and that’s what we want to foster in the leadership of UPAAE.

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