Heed the call and become part of the UPAAE Board of Directors for 2020 – 2021!
Positions available: President (1), Vice-President (1), Secretary (1), Treasurer (1), Board Members (3)
General Notes
1. The term is for two (2) years.
2. A member can be nominated for multiple positions. You can also nominate yourself.
3. There will be confirmations with the nominees to accept their nominations during the process. This will be coordinated by the Election Committee.
4. An official list of candidates will be released before election day.
5. Members can vote via absentee voting – you can cast your vote via email to UPAAE.elections@gmail.com.
For a more detailed list of guidelines and FAQ, please click this link: http://bit.ly/2uBvh5A
Any further questions, please contact MARTIN at 780-909-2572.
Thank you very much! See you all at the Annual General Meeting and Elections on March 7!
Martin Baclig, Mila Bongco – Philipzig, and Vicky de Castro
UPAAE Elections Committee 2020


12UPAAE Elections Push

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