In 2018, the University of the Philippines Alumni Association of Edmonton launched its grant program called UPAAE PLACE (Professional, Leadership, and Continuing Education Program). We value projects that: (1) improve the quality of life of the underserved, (2)encourage community-building, collaboration and cooperation, (3) raise the level of social awareness and sense of responsibility for the environment; and (4) evoke generosity, optimism and commitment.

The following were the recipients were awarded grants in September 2018:

MARIE ANN CORSINO UPAAE funded Marie’s completion of her graduate studies – Master in Public Management specializing in Voluntary Sector Management in UP Open University. She is expected to graduate this year, continuing to assist the community in development and people empowerment. She recently launched a project called “Learning Hub” where children from Grades 1-6 can browse books, watch movies, do art, use a desktop computer, etc. for free.

PALO CULTURE AND ARTS ORGANIZATION (PCAO) Project BicyCLEAN – The project aims to promote and implement advocacies, especially on issues relating to the environment. Members of the organization go to different tourist spots in Palo to pick-up trash and conduct education and promotion using dynamic activities among children.

READ PHILIPPINES BOOK CHARITY PROJECT READ Philippines donates boxes of books, National Geographic magazines and other reading materials for schools in far-flung and impoverished places in the Philippines, especially those places hit by Typhoon Yolanda and other typhoons and disasters. The project also takes toys and clothes donations. The project has been running for two years now.

UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA PHILIPPINE STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATION – READ FOR HOPE PHILIPPINES READ for HOPE aims to reconstruct libraries and classrooms hit by calamities, and envisions to continuously establish sustainable and long term book donation drives. The UPAAE grant and PhilSA’s fund-raising efforts enabled the reconstruction of the Laoag National Technical High School in Samar.


• Assistance to UP Students in the Philippines

UPAAE will sponsor 2-4 students in the Philippinesin conjunction with the UP OSSS’ Adopt-a-Student program.This is an established UP program that provides an allowance for students who do not have the means to cover all their expenses while studying.This allowance can be used to help pay for their living expenses,it does not cover housing or tuition expenses. Desired funding is $2000 CAD every year on a regular basis.

• Assistance to Filipino Immigrants landing in Edmonton, Alberta

Filipino immigrants have immediate and pressing needs when starting a new life here in Edmonton. Examples are assistance in searching for jobs, looking for a place to live, advice on raising a family in a different environment etc. Having a support system for these immigrants where they are not taken advantage of can make for a smoother and positive transition. UPAAE will sponsor two seminars in Edmonton where speakers will share their experiences and provide options for these immigrants to consider. A minimal fee of $5 will be charged per participant. Desired funding is $1000 per year to cover the cost of running these seminars.

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