UPAAE bagged the BEST PARADE CONTINGENT award at the Fourth Edmonton Filipino Fiesta!

UPAA Edmonton members, families, friends, and program participants marched with pride as the organization showed its strength and creativity through dancing Higantes figures portraying the Filipino family, colorful carabao heads highlighting three Filipino festivals – the Sinulog, the Panagbenga and the Pintados festivals, and our PACO kids’ bahay kubo dioramas. The organization also revisited the country’s independence by paying homage to the Katipunan, wearing white with red scarves sewn for the fiesta and carrying improvised bolos or itaks with the word “Pilipinas” painted in Baybayin script.

Aling Iska, now a character awaited in every fiesta, was also able to join the parade for the first time!

We would like to thank our family, friends, the BSFAAA, and of course our Bahay Kubo project kids for joining us in this year’s parade!

Echoing the Philippine Arts Council post, The UPAAE won based on creativity, originality, audience impact, and energy level by a panel of judges consisting of: Maria Roseni Alvero, Senior Trade Commissioner, Phil. Consulate Toronto; Rosary Escano, Marketing Head, ABS-CBN Canada; and Jeanette Dotimas, PHIDEAS Board. The UPAAE won $100 courtesy of Voyable Travel and Tours Inc., merchandise from TFC Canada, and Mama Sita’s products.



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