Canadians Interact with Growing Pinoy Community’s HISTORYA for Alberta Culture Days 2018

EDMONTON, Alberta – The University of the Philippines Alumni Association Edmonton (UPAAE), participating in this year’s Alberta Culture Days as a pop-up celebration site, hosts HISTORYA: Walking Through the Story of the Filipino People. The event is happening at the Mill Woods Senior and Multicultural Centre on September 30, 2018, Sunday at 1:00 – 5:00 PM.

Guests are toured in a walkthrough timeline of Philippine history from the formation of the 7,641-island archipelago, the early beginnings of Filipino civilization, the colonization years up to the country’s democratic independence. They will learn to write their name in Baybayin, an ancient script now resurging and being moved as the country’s national writing system; learn the Tinikling dance, listen to accounts and stories from volunteers wearing various national costumes; watch audio-visual highlighting regional cultures; photograph in a Filipino costume; and lots more.

“The Filipino Community received spotlight with the proclamation of June as Philippine Heritage Month in perpetuity, along with various cultural awards presented to Pinoys contributing to Canada’s rich diversity. HISTORYA is an excellent cap-off now exhibiting our history that is worth sharing. It’s a showcase and a reminder of our roots.”, says Anna Kris Mina, project head and treasurer of the organization.

Guests will be able to understand and realize how one’s culture is shaped and is continued by different aspects such as geography, bioregion and history. One’s national history has a bearing on everyday life, affecting values, customs, choices and relationships. In this event, UPAAE is also launching its Philippine Arts and Culture Orientation (PACO) Program, a monthly arts and crafts diorama workshop for young people ages 6 to 14 highlighting various scenes of Filipino heritage.

HISTORYA is part of the celebrations occurring throughout the province during Alberta Culture Days 2018. Alberta Culture Days runs September 28 to September 30 and is the province’s largest celebration of our heritage, arts, community spirit and cultural diversity. To learn more, visit

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